March 21, 2024

Setting-up IROs with advanced patient-matching technology


Integrated research organizations (IROs) bring together the key stakeholders in the clinical trial ecosystem by aligning clinical trials with patient care; integrating clinical trials within the patient care continuum — making clinical trials more accessible to patients; embedding clinical research infrastructure within the daily practice of a healthcare system; and using evidence-based feasibility processes to make trial performance more predictable for biopharmaceutical sponsors. When these core elements are integrated, rather than isolated, we imagine a system in which patients’ needs are better met with clinical research as a care option.

The Clint platform enables IROs to connect clinically qualified patients with trials. Our clinical intelligence platform and dedicated team of clinical experts work hand-in-hand with IROs to align their efforts with the population health initiatives of the healthcare systems they serve, resulting in more accurate feasibility assessments, shortened recruitment periods, and higher success rates of approved trials.

Advanced patient-matching technology

The Clint platform transforms messy structured and unstructured electronic health record (EHR) data into a clinical intelligent and highly accurate understanding of the patient’s true clinical state, including the ability to infer missing diagnoses. From there, Clint provides an organized, visual, self-service dashboard for researchers to rapidly find and match patients to clinical trials. Researchers log-in to the dashboard to explore patient data in real-time, across multiple sites, in one central operating platform. This allows them to better understand patient populations, including diversity profiles (e.g., sex, gender, age, race, ethnicity), disqualification patterns, and geographic distribution. For IROs, our advanced patient-matching technology supports better selection of trials with immediate visibility into the number and distribution of qualified patients.

“The Clint platform can help our team complete feasibility studies in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks. We have also been able to double the number of patients that our researchers randomize.”

— CRC at a premier independent clinical research center

How the Clint platform works

  • Data transformation: Clint connects directly with EHR to validate the quality and completeness of the data and transforms structured and unstructured data to a highly accurate representation of the patient's true clinical state, which is then used to identify and match qualified participants for clinical trials.
  • Choosing the right trials: Clint performs feasibility assessments to quickly and accurately infer the number of eligible candidates for prospective trials across a network of referring practices, and at each individual practice, giving IROs full confidence in their ability to maximize enrollment for every trial they take on.
  • Deliver insights to clinical and/or research operations teams: Research teams use the Clint dashboard to visualize and explore patient data in real-time for recruitment across multiple referral sites, through a centralized platform. 
  • Secure clinician approval: Clinical research coordinators review patient matches and are able to prompt clinician approval within the platform.
  • Monitor and report metrics: Metrics are automatically captured within the platform and transparently made available to the management teams overseeing screening processes and trial operations.

Addressing challenges

70% of trials experience startup delays, 80% don’t complete the enrollment phase on time, and 45% miss their projected end dates.

By allowing IROs to analyze patient populations, Clint supports feasibility assessments and identifies trials that best fit their available patient demographics and population health initiatives. 

Traditionally, sites spend weeks screening patients for participation in clinical trials.

Clint automates chart review and significantly accelerates screening processes. In one example, Clint identified 130 patients in a matter of minutes with a screen failure rate of less than 10%.


Testimonials and impact

Clint is transforming trial selection, patient identification, and on-site recruitment processes. This increased speed and efficiency have turned many within the clinical research community into advocates for the platform, with the Vice President of the cardiovascular disease division of a top five life sciences company stating, “I want Clint in every one of our clinical trials.”

This impact resonates with our partner sites who have achieved their recruitment goal 4.5x faster than expected – recruiting 40 participants in just 4 months instead of the 18 months they were allocated. Continually impressed by the speed of enrollment, Novartis twice allocated additional participants to the site. Their allotment is now 100 participants, affording the site a 2.5 increase in contract value for this particular trial.


By harnessing advanced data analytics and the expertise of clinical professionals, IROs can lead clinical trials that are more efficient, effective, and aligned with the needs of both researchers and the populations and healthcare systems they serve. We are proud to partner with IROs adopting advanced technologies to bring life-saving therapies to market more reliably.

Authored by
Cassandra Broadwin, MPH,Jasmine LaCoursiere, MS, Rajesh Dash, MD,Paul Holland

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